Friday, March 20, 2009

More Than Just a Game.

One of the cells in which the prisoners played soccer with anything that would pass for a ball.

We have just finished watching an amazing movie based on a true story, called More Than Just a Game. It is about the political prisoners on Robben Island in the 1960s. What an incredible story of how they built up a soccer league with about 8 teams! After 4 years of asking,they finally got a soccer ball from the authorities.
It became their lives and their reason for living. They ran it in a most professional manner and it was taken very seriously among the prisoners. It gave them hope and a purpose. These early prisoners left a legacy for those who followed behind them to Robben Island.

What a pity that this story is not told to those who visit Robben Island. We thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the lives of the Robben Island prisoners. There was however some swearing so you may want to preview the movie before your children watch it.

Cousins enjoying the trip to Robben Island

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