Friday, August 14, 2009

Are your words kind....

I recently read a quote by Jessica Hulcy of Konos that our words should always be kind, necessary and true. I have shared this with my children and by Gods grace, we are keeping a check on this in our home. In other words, if they don't fit into those categories.....don't say them!

It is so easy to say things to one another that are not necessary. We need to learn to guard our mouths and think of the consequences of what we may say. Will it hurt the other person?
We have been challenged in our home this week regarding this issue. Sometimes older children "chirp" unnecessaries which are really harmful to delicate little souls who are still growing. As parents we need to keep an eye on this and gently lead our children on right path when they slip up. Above all, we need to treat one another with love and let our words be kind, necessary and true.

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