Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mossbank Memories....

Well I have been a bit slow on the holidays posts so now they are sweet memories and not current happenings. I hope you will enjoy the memories as much as I do.
The day after my sisters birthday was another exciting day ,as we were expecting our younger sister and her family to arrive at Mossbank. It had been 3 months since we had seen them.
We took a walk on the plantation in the morning to look for iced puddles to jump on but didn't find too many. The wind was icy and the scent of pine amazing.Despite the cold the walk did us good. J went out with Uncle D to do some fire fighting in the area that afternoon.
J and Aunty D

There was a sweet reunion with the cousins and bittersweet for me..... As I hugged my sister, I cried that she should come home soon. She stepped back , took one look at me, and her face told me it would not be soon. She hadn't wanted to tell me on her arrival at Mossbank but it just so happened that way. I cried and cried.....

The cousins had brought' baby Coke bottles' with teats for the kids....they had fun with them!

The boys were inseparable from the moment they set eyes on one another. They played non stop all weekend! The girls had much to catch up with too!

Precious moment.

My sis and I took a walk as the sun was about to set.....talking,crying and praying. I admire her for being able to adapt to changing situations so well. We all spent the evening catching up and enjoying dinner together.

The cousins wanted to see whose fringe is longer!

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