Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The 40th

Well, what a party is all I can say! We had been helping T with preparations in the preceeding weeks for this special event and it was fatastic to arrive on Saturday night and see how it all pulled together in such a magnificent way!

The tent was up, the chickens there,the hay bales arranged,the dance floor laid for line dancing,the lanterns lit and the decor was something else!It felt like we had stepped right into a Western! She sure knows how to get it all together!
The cousins had a ball! It was a boys paradise. They spent the evening playing with their guns ,shooting geusts with water pistols and swopping clothes in the hopes they would not be recognised by their victims and finding lollipops and chocolate coins to eat. Not to mention putting some adults to shame on the dance floor!

It was great to have my sister and brother there too! I miss her SO much!
The happy couple....G proposed to L!!! Eveyone was thrilled all though some of the geusts had an inkling his might happen, I had no idea and shed a tear as he went down on bended knee and popped the question.

The geusts had great fun riding the mechanical bull. I was not going to try it as I dont do "spinning" was bad enough watching some of those cowboys!

Z had a great time and kept going back for more!
J and two pretty cowgirls! (sister and cousin)

The Saloon bar shoot out was a big hit too...

Father and son shoot out ....they kept going back for more!

Uncle C and the boys

T did an outstanding job on the cakes......

We partied until well past midnight and there was one tired little cowboy who had his fill of fun!

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