Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happily settled back at home

Well, we are back home and settled into our routines somewhat. We had a fabulous holiday and thouroughly enjoyed the time spent with precious members of our family. Over the next short while I hope to share some of our photos and highlights of our trip.

Hubby sure is glad to hve me here and and cooking for him again. I too am enjoying being back in my kitchen and making some delceous home cooked meals for him and the children.The holiday washing that seemed to take forever to get done, is now done!

I was so delighted to find that the painting of the exterior of our home is almost complete. It sure looks a whole lot better. Just a little more to do and will all be done.

We were treated to dinner out on our return and I really appreciated not having to cook the day we returned. We started off with schooling the next morning and I have been impressed with the way the children have just got right back into it. We have had some fun with our Zoology this past week and plan to get to the library early next week to get all the books we need for our other studies.

The weekend has so far been a flurry of activities, catching up with friends and family. We had a lovely evening with our friends ,the Solomons, on friday.
Saturday morning saw me going to a Tae Bo class and the kids went off to Acts . J is doing a copper beating course and K had fun learning to make frech toast and scrambled eggs.
We had friends over for a burger braai and the rugby last night. The children thouroughly enjoyed playing together and jay boarding until late into the evening.

Today we headed off to church and then to the in laws for a quick bite and coffee. This evening we expect my brother and his wife for dinner.I look forward to spending some time with them. We are doing a Springbok leg roast. It has been marinading in red wine and butter milk since yesterday so I hope it will turn out well!

Watch out for the holiday posts and pictures....

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  1. Looks like you had a great time on vacation and it seems like a beautiful area to visit. I visit your blog often and enjoy reading your entries. You can visit me at


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