Friday, August 28, 2009

Time flys when you having fun...

I can hardly believe that this time last week, we were with my dear sister and her family and they had just arrived here for the party weekend! The week has flown by and we have made some headway and had fun with our learning.

The children had the opportunity to do the illustrations for a bi weekly kids newspaper called "Learn the News". We thoroughly enjoy getting this in our inbox twice a week and often end up having lengthy discussions around the news articles. We look for the various countries on the map and I find it is a great way to broaden their general knowledge. The paper has stories related to world , Africa ,environment ,business and sport news as well as a section on this day in history.
J illustrated the story regarding the reopening of schools in Britain, despite swine flu.

Z illustrated the story on Angola where scientists are having a great time looking for dinosaur fossils.

And K did the illustration for the article on Malaysia where people who live their traditional way of life deep in the forests are ready to fight outsiders who come and cut down jungle trees
for their logs.

We have had fun with our Zoology studies and the children made seed bird feeders. We have been more aware of birds and it is amazing to see the children's interest sparked by our studies. K and I had the opportunity to watch some Egyptian geese one evening as we walked the dog while Z played soccer. Just today we had a Glossy Ibis in our garden. Z and I spotted a white dove this week too. We are also reading a fantastic living book called Citizen Bird, a beloved classic story of our feathered friends.

We hope to attract many more feathered friends to our garden with the seed feeders!

The children had fun making a salt dough moonscape and rocket for our Konos Studies. Z would be happy to stick to the astronomy forever.....

he says he would like to visit the moon some day.....
We moved on to some seasonal poetry today and then took advantage of the warm afternoon out in the garden and did some weeding and planting. I am hoping for some beautiful sunflowers and daisies!

The children had a great time in the garden and spent much time playing with little snails they had found. They named them, fed them leaves , raced them , talked to them and let them leave trails of slime on their arms...We found a lizard sunning himself, caterpillars, lady bugsand what looked like tiny cocoons under a nasturtium leaf.

We ended our day with a wonderful long walk in the forest with T. The children and dogs had a whale of a time splashing through the streams and getting thoroughly wet! I was glad to have worn my wellies too!

NEWSFLASH!!! Almost forgot to mention that Jand K made their grading for karate last night and J is now a blue belt and K is now orange!

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