Thursday, March 4, 2010

School fun

The week has had its challenges but on the whole, been going well. It has been incredibly warm in the Mother City and we are thankful for the swimming pool. The children have enjoyed a quick dip between lessons and before bedtime.We have enjoyed breakfast and lunch out on the patio this week.
My resident baker has been at it again, keeping the boys happy with her baking.

Yummy peanut butter biscuits and bran muffins!

We have had lots of fun with Zoology. The kids made cardboard megaphones and tested how they reflect sounds off various objects....just love the face Z is pulling! It helped them to understand how a whale uses sound to determine what kind of object is near by.
They are making Ocean Boxes, in which they will place models of all the various sea creatures they are learning about. Today they painted their boxes and while I read, they made these amazing models of the various magnificent whales they learned about. They tried their hands at an origami whale too. We have experimented with the freezing temperatures of normal and salt water and Z was amazed that the salt water remained unfrozen even after being in the freezer all night!
I found a fantastic book for Afrikaans to use with K and Z and we are making good progress as we laugh our way through the funny new words they are learning.
We had another session of Afrikaans with J and his school buddy and the boys are making headway. The same afternoon we did some life science and made our own wet preparation for the microscope. We looked at the membrane between the layers of an onion. It blows my mind to see how amazingly even this has been created! We looked at a tiny bug too and the detail is incredulous! I can see that we are going to have lots of fun with the microscope.
As J works hard to catch up with his terms work (due to his books arriving late) , he is learning so many new and amazing things. Below is the view from his desk out onto my little veg garden. He enjoys the greenery outside his window.
First and foremost on his mind this week is the Western Province Trials for Karate on Saturday.
After karate training and ballroom tonight, he was in the lounge, dressed in his gi and practising his kata. He is determined to do well on Saturday. Tomorrow, he will have most of the day off school as he has a further 2 hours of training and we need to get ready for Saturday.

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  1. Listening to you talk about swimming and gardening has me so jealous. This seems like the longest Winter ever! Looking forward to Spring and all it has to offer.


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