Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its jungling!

Yip, my veg garden is starting to look a little like a jungle! The comment passed by T when she saw it this weekend was,"It's jungling!"
It is so exciting to see the tiniest butternuts and gems on the vines that have rambled up the tripods. There are a number of green tomatoes and the chillies are starting to poke out of where the flowers used to be. I am picking green beans , baby marrows and peas! Mmm those peas never made it to the table as I snacked on them when I was feeling a bit peckish.I continue to pick basil and lettuce regularly and the corn are just about ready.
I hired our house helper's son to scrub down the last of my pots last week. He did a fantastic job, but I have not found the time to paint and plant since we are so busy with school.It will have to be a weekend job.

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