Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekend Fun

The past weekend was a whirlwind of activity and fun. J went to karate training in Camps Bay, hubby was working, and K painting with Grandpa on Saturday morning.

She so enjoys going to paint and learn from him. This week she was in for a treat as there was a visiting professional artist who spent the morning with them. K has started working on a painting of a photo that was taken while we were on holiday in Ladybrand. When she is done, I will post it for you to see.

While everyone else was busy, Z and I had to prepare for a birthday party that he was going to. It was a Star Wars themed party and he was going as Darth Maul! Hubby had managed to make him a double sided light sabre and now it was up to me to do the face painting.
He got the desired reactions from all the other boys at the party!
Sunday, while hubby was at his year end function for cricket, we went to a wonderful birthday party for one of my God daughters. It was her 4th birthday. She is really growing up and a delightful little lady at that!
The party was held at the little blue train in Sea Point. There is a lovely picnic area, climbing wall and playground. The highlight is of course the little train that runs all day, giving the littlest passengers hours of fun! Even my K (12) who vowed she would not be seen on the train had hours of fun!
T who was with us, decided to take the scenic route home. We ended up spending a couple of glorious hours on Hout Bay beach. The weather was perfect, the mountains and sea magnificent!
The boys could not resist a dip in the calm, but chilly ocean waters. Jeans and all! We enjoyed a treat of calamari and chips on the sand. The seagulls enjoyed the left over chips. Happy and tired, young and old, slept soundly after a good dose of fun under the big blue sky!

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