Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garden and kitchen

After being away for a couple of days, it was lovely to notice that my little garden grew while I was away. I picked some ripe tomatoes and saw that the chillies, peppers, bringals and cucumbers had really grown. I think I inspect it so often that the growth usually seems minimal to me. We have enjoyed fresh lettuce and basil on our sandwiches every lunch time this week.

My sweet daughter had bought me a packet of fresh, hot, red chillies at the home school market day while we were away. The two of us experimented with making our own sweet chili sauce. The recipe called for a lot of sugar so it was rather sweet. We don't use much sugar in our home so we added lots more tomato, garlic and chili and ended up with 3 jars of delicious not too sweet chili sauce. We have been enjoying it with our cheese and lettuce sandwiches!

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