Saturday, March 13, 2010

School fun

The younger two had great fun making a "telephone" to see if sound waves travel better through wool or air. This was part of our Zoology lesson. It showed them that sound travels better through wool, much like ocean water carrying sound waves a long way, and enabling whales to communicate with one another even when they are very far from each other.

After trying this outside, they tried to make it work between their bedroom as their own personal telephone!
In the sea turtle lesson, they learned that that female turtles have a very hard time on land when they have to pull their bodies hundreds of meters up the beach to lay their eggs. They had to try and move themselves forward without using their hands or legs to boost themselves forward. Not an easy task!

Our big boy has been fighting a cold this week. Not good timing as he leaves for Bloem very soon. I have let him rest and have been pumping him full of vitamins to boost him. He has however been able to do a fair bit of school work. We have enjoyed looking plant and epithelial cells under the microscope this week.

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