Thursday, March 25, 2010

School and more school

We have been hard at it getting through loads of work this week. It is actually break up day tomorrow for the Easter holidays but my dear J will have to keep going to catch up the terms work. His curriculum arrived a month late and the trip to Bloem also interfered with his school work.
He has had a great attitude though and has been ploughing through lessons and tests with great determination. I want him to have at least a weeks break before heading into the new term. We have had great fun doing lots of map work for Geography. This was one of my favourite subjects and one that I excelled in for matric. Accountancy is however not my forte and he and Eric have been busy with that most evenings.
For Life Science, he had to do a couple of experiments this week. In one of them, he placed a raw egg in vinegar. Because the vinegar is a mild acid, it ate away the shell. The children were fascinated by this raw egg with no shell but just a membrane!

It sure does look rather creepy!

While I have had to give J's school work a lot of attention, the younger two have been amazing. They have got on with their reading, maths, language,played games together and generally been very tolerant. It has taught all of us to be more patient as there is no way I can split myself in 3. (I am not sure how those teachers in a class of 30 do it!)

Z has kept himself very busy with various science kits that we have. I just love the way each of our children are SO different to one another!

Here is my little hands on scientist having great fun with all sorts of mixtures.... After asking him to clean up the mess, he informed me that is the reason it wont be a good idea for me to visit him when he is busy with science in his own home one day!

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