Monday, March 22, 2010

Whirlwind trip

After seeing our younger two off ,we saw J off late on Wednesday night. He was catching the bus with the Western Province Team to Bloemfontein for National Championships. Sadly on the way to the bus stop, we found out that one of the team members would not be making it. This was a disappointment for J. They had been looking forward to this trip they would be making together. The wind bit into us as we said our goodbyes and he was more than excited for his adventure! (As his mom, I did not find it too easy and felt rather anxious knowing he would be on board a bus through the night. I have never travelled across the country on a bus and don't plan to do so in the future either!)
We woke in the early hours of the morning to make the cross country trip by car to watch our boy compete. All went well as we listened to stories and made the 11 hour journey through our beautiful and varied country.We stopped to enjoy a bite to eat and kept in regular cell phone contact with J.
We finally arrived around 3pm and the bus had arrived at the same time. We contacted J after checking into out hotel and went to meet him at his hotel and take him a bite to eat. It was a brief visit as the team had to board the bus again for weigh in at the competition venue.

J and some team members from Jion.

Friday was spent at the venue. We were all rather tired but it was great to be there and see what it was all about. The venue was huge with 6 mats where different divisions competed continually throughout the day and late into the night. There was much cheering and the vibe was upbeat and the competition stiff!

View from our seats.
Saturdays highlights were Js fight and seeing my sister and her family!

J was thrilled to have his cousins come to see him compete. We appreciated their company and their patience as they waited until after 9 at night to watch him compete in the last event of the whole competition! It was a long day!
He was knocked out of the competition in his first round and felt disappointed. We however are proud that he made the Provincial Team and that he took part. He will now be gearing up for the next big event in Gauteng in just over a months time.
We are truly grateful to all the family and friends who helped in various ways to make it possible for J to compete and for us to be there and support him.

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