Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Boy did it!

This morning we had an early start out to Belhar Sports Centre where the KAWP (Karate Association of the Western Province) Cadet, Junior, Senior & Veterans Championships were being held. I was amazed at J's calm composure and attitude. The day of the Provincail Trials had finally arrived. He has put in many hours of training for todays event.

He was up first in his division for Kata. Eric and I sat nervously on the stands as we watched our big boy go onto the floor. We couldnt imagine how he was feeling if we were SO nervous! It was a knock out competition and the score 2 to 1 in favour of his opponent. He was ok with that as it was only decided in the last 2 weeks that he would enter the Kata competion as well.
J in the blue belt.

Next came Kumite....that is very exciting to watch and the tension was high. Again he was up first in his weight division. He had to wear protective head gear as well as foot and leg protectors along with the mitts. He managed to get in some good punches and kicks but as it so often happens in these competitions, he did not score points. (Sometimes the judges miss these points) He came off knowing that he could have done better but we were all thrilled when he came in joint 3rd place with a bronze medal.

Now we wait a couple of days to find out if he is selected for the Provincial Team and if he has to compete in Bloemfontein in a couple of weeks time..........

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  1. Congratulations Josh! We are so proud of your tenacity and skill.


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