Friday, March 18, 2011

Our week

Our week has been busy as usual, but in a different way. On Monday hubby and I celebrated 19 years of marriage. We chose to go out during the day rather than the evening. The children are at an age where they can get on with work on their own for a couple of hours so it was great to take in a movie and enjoy lunch out together at Gourmet Burger enjoying our favourite lamb and feta burger....mouth watering!!

The older two children have been putting in many hours this week for a fund raising event they are planning. This is part of their year's Ambassador Program with the Chaeli Campaign, and their chosen charity is The Pink Ladies:

" The Pink Ladies will, upon request, work with any individual or organisation that has the same objectives - reuniting missing and endangered children and loved ones with their families and/or caregivers.
The valuable service provided by The Pink Ladies is strictly voluntary and performed for the love of children everywhere in South Africa, regardless of colour, creed or circumstance."

Their event is a fun family car rally. My dear friend, Tan has been a great help in guiding them, inspiring them and giving up much of her time to help them work out their route and clues. The route is almost complete, they have got in some amazing prizes from generous sponsors! We look forward to a bumper event. It makes my heart sing that my children have the opportunity to do something that will benefit others, that is too big to be done alone, and takes them out of their comfort zones.

J had an amazing opportunity to spend the last two days enjoying a work shadow at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa. Professionals at the Institute gave various presentations and exposed the kids to the many possible careers in sport. The following aspects were covered:
  • Fitness
  • Sport Science
  • Bio-kinetics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sport Psychology
  • Sport Outreach
  • Nutrition

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He also enjoyed a tour of the South African rugby museum featuring exhibitions, special attractions and insights into the world of rugby. The highlight for him was the tour of the Newlands Rugby Stadium that has a capacity of 51 900 people. He was amazed by the vastness of the stadium.

We enjoyed some time on the beach on Thursday as I felt the need to have a brisk walk on the beach. Hubby and Z had a great time bonding and playing cricket together on the beach. Sadly J was not with us as he was at the work shadow.

For me, the week has also been one of trying to recover from, and get over this nasty sinus infection. It has left me drained of energy and feeling down right rotten. Today the pain in my face has subsided a bit and hopefully the antibiotics and cortisone treatment are kicking in!

We look forward to a relaxing long weekend together and next week we expect good news on the work front for hubby!

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