Saturday, March 19, 2011

Looking swell!

My sweet sister in law is just weeks away from giving birth to their precious long awaited baby. Early this week I had so much fun putting together a "nappy cake" for her baby shower gift this afternoon.

I used a large pack of newborn nappys tightly rolled and secured with elastic bands. I made three tiers and decorated it with all sorts that I have been buying since we found out she was expecting. I had the greatest time putting it all together! There were toys, baby spoons, little baby books, a door sign (baby sleeping), newborn socks, a facecloth and some baby aqueous cream in the top tier, around which I secured the nappys.

She will need to use those nappys first as he seems to be a big boy!

(The baby photo is me as we had to put baby photos onto the gifts for her to guess who they were from)

My creative daughter made the most beautiful cupcakes for the tea and is planning to make a scrap book of her new cousins first year as a gift. A sumptuous spread was laid on with savory and sweet goodies to delight all.

T was given some amazing gifts. And as it was really hot today, the kids enjoyed the pool and the guys made a braai. All in all, a relaxed enjoyable afternoon for all.

My friends granddaughter was the youngest guest and there was no shortage of willing hands to take care of her. She even had her first tiny little dip in the pool.

We look forward to meeting the new cousin and nephew soon!

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  1. Dear Wendy,
    I love the gift idea with the nappies.
    Very creative


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