Sunday, March 13, 2011

In the kitchen today

On Sundays, I often enjoy pottering at leisure in my kitchen and trying out new tasty recipes to bless my family. Home economics was one of my school subjects until matric, and I love being able to pass on a little of what I learned to my daughter.
Today we made the most delicious, low GI seed bars (thanks mum for my mag subscription that had this great recipe in it!). We toasted oats, coconut, sunflower seeds and some oat bran. When it cooled we added some raisins and dried apricots. After boiling sugar, honey (thanks to the Woods!) and butter together until soft ball stage, the ingredients were all mixed together and pressed down into a dish to cool.

The results were excellant and I like the fact that we didn't need to bake them in the oven. We will be making these again soon and hubby can enjoy them too as they are low GI!

Next, I made some Basil Pesto as one of my basil bushes seems to be nearing its end. I use sunflower seeds instead of the pine nuts and it turns out just great! A jar for the fridge and two ice trays full for the freezer to pop into a dish when required!

Oh....I opened the pepperdews that I pickled a week or two back and they are really good! I added them to a tasty lentil and rice salad that I made to accompany our braai today. I will be planting the pepperdew seeds I saved so we can have an abundant supply of home pickled pepperdews!

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