Sunday, March 13, 2011

Full and busy days

For Art K is busy working on a pencil drawing of a painting. There is a trick to it though: she has to view the painting upside down and it is in an A4 envelop. She may not view the entire picture at a time and may only reveal a few centimetres at a time, and then a little more as she completes each section of her drawing upside down.I have however posted the photo the right way up. I love how it is turning out.
The painting is "Girl with a Pearl Earring " done by Dutch Painter Johannes Vermeer. The focal point of the painting is a pearl earring. Sometimes the painting is referred to as "The Mona Lisa of the North" or "The Dutch Mona Lisa". A fitting piece for her to work on due to her Dutch heritage.

Z made a set of 6 place mats at his design and technology club for this month and has started work on a magazine rack that he will complete next month.
He is a real hands on boy and I found a fantastic technology book that we are working through together. He has enjoyed learning about different types of bridges and then building them.

He had fun testing how much weight he could add to a beam bridge before it collapsed. He learned that the more beams there were, the stronger the bridge would be.

He and hubby made a simple beam bridge together that is now put to use when building Lego towns.

Recently we had some house guests for about ten days. It was lovely to have little people in our home who wake up in the morning with so much energy and zest for life! To hear their laughter and see their enthusiasm for life was such a blessing.
K and I had great fun enjoying the littlest guest who is almost four months old. We bathed her, fed her, dressed her, cuddled her and rocked her to sleep. Z even enjoyed cuddling her while I read aloud to him and when asked if I should put her down to sleep if he tired of holding her, his answer was that he didn't think he would ever tire of holding the sweet little baby! She brought such joy into our home.

Her aunty who is just six, missed a day of school while she was staying here. She happily slotted into our school morning and even wanted to do join my kids with their note booking of what we had just read about.

K is doing some of her work independently now, but still joins us with the Botany course we are busy with. I love her attention to detail when she records what we have learned about. We have been busy with pollinators and have enjoyed watching the butterflies in our garden, going about their God given tasks. Yesterday, our granadilla bush surprised us with another open flower waiting to be pollinated ..... perfectly timed with our study on self pollinating plants last week.

So our days are full and busy and exciting with plenty to be learned and done. J continues to work diligently at his studies in order to be prepared for his exams later in the year. It has been wonderful to have hubby around to share in our schooling and we will miss him when he starts working again. We trust that will be very soon.


  1. Love what you guys are doing at the moment. Z's placemats are stunning - wouldn't mind a set and K's art is coming along in leaps and bounds! Fabulous.

  2. Thanks Shirley, miss you lots xxx


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