Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Event

The task team.

Over the past week the children have spent many long hours working with Tanya on their event for the Chaeli Campaign. As part of their year as Ambassadors, they have had to plan and carry out a fund raising event for a charity of their choice. They have chosen to organize a Fun Family Car Rally in support of the Pink Ladies who are an organisation that look for missing children and support the families emotionally.

They have sourced sponsors for their amazing prizes and goodie bags, worked on their route and cryptic questions and advertised their event. They have been keeping track of the teams entering and we are looking forward to an exciting time next weekend.
The founder of the Pink Ladies contacted the children last weekend and she is planning to attend their event.

My heart is so grateful for my special friend Tanya who has sacrificed EVERY spare moment of her time to work with the children and help them plan and execute everything. Her enthusiasm is contagious and and it has been wonderful to watch her work with my teens. The sounds of laughter often come from the dining room where they are working.
While they are working, often late into the night, I help to take care of her 2 little girls and her sweet grand baby. I am the cook too and make sure there are wholesome meals for the task team when they are hungry. It has been amazing to watch this unfold and come together.


  1. It has been so much fun, and hard work! Thank you mom for putting up with all of us!

  2. It is a pleasure sweetie, can't wait for the fun next weekend xx


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