Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From the garden to the table...

What a pleasure to get an unexpected, sweet, delicious melon from the garden. I had not planted the seeds.They must have been in my compost. It was so tasty! It sprung up in my tyre that was supposed to be growing potatoes. I have saved some seeds and hope to harvest more than one melon next season.
Despite my hard work of pollinating butternuts in the wee hours of the morning, We ended up with just one. It is ripening and I can't wait to use it in a new recipe.
We got just two granadillas off the vine this summer but I see it is sending out new shoots and so next summer there should be more.

We have been eating lots of fresh chili in all sorts of dishes. Last weekend I decided to harvest most of what was left on the bushes but it seems to be producing more. I am not complaining.

I used one of "Jane's Delicious Kitchen " recipes and made the Hot Diggedy Chili Jelly....yum yum! It turned out perfectly but rather dark compared to hers as I used brown sugar.I will need to make more soon as it is being enjoyed daily! I bottled the rest to use over the winter moths to add a little fire to our meals.

I finally got around to making her Mexican Beef, bean and squash enchiladas too. Last time I made them it was a disaster as the dish shattered in the oven, causing glass to go everywhere and rending the meal inedible. I was so disappointed! Time and ingredients wasted and no dinner...thankfully my hubby came to the rescue with Chinese take out that night which was a real treat.

This time we thoroughly enjoyed the meal and it will have to be made again soon!

I have not kept track of whether I have tried a new recipe every week as life has been topsy turvy of late but I have tried another of Jane's fantastic recipes. Quick chicken curry with spinach... from the garden of course.

The flavours were unbelievable.... lemon grass, garlic, chili, coriander, coconut and more.

Every meal must have something from the garden in it. Even if it is just the rosemary or a sprig of parsley. Tonight's dinner has some fresh basil, rosemary and some beans I had harvested and frozen earlier in the summer.

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