Wednesday, October 28, 2015

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes - Day 28 Hope

Life has been busy, birthdays, exams, work and keeping house so I have not been able too keep up with the writing challenge but I figured I will just do today's challenge and if I feel I can , go back and do the ones I missed out on. 

Hope....hope is something we hold on to and for me it goes well with faith...believing in what we cannot see. Without hope, life could be very dismal. I have learned much about hope this year. Some good lessons and some difficult lessons but I am thankful that there is hope. 
Early in the year there was a situation I was facing and many around me were convinced that there really was not much hope for any change. I clung to hope and cried out to God and He came through in an amazing way. The naysayers could not kill the hope I had regarding that particular situation. I hoped, trusted and believed and the situation turned around. 

I do believe that sometimes hope can blind us to reality though. In a different situation I have had hope for a long time and that hope did not serve me well. Even while hoping, the hoping made me very unsettled and anxious. Sometimes we have to accept that there is no hope in a particular situation and we have to close a chapter and move on for our own good.
 Sometimes the answer for what he are hoping for is no or not now.....

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