Monday, March 19, 2012

March Joy Dare Week 3

I read this today ..... 
"Accept and appreciate things now, and you’ll find more happiness in every moment you live.  Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have and offer thanks for all the troubles we don’t have....."
So here is my list, thankful praise to Him for what I have....

Day 13
(3 gifts round)
228) the wedding ring placed on my finger 20 years ago tomorrow...
229) beading round serviette rings for a wedding this coming weekend, taking my mind off circumstances just a little and giving me time to chat and be with my sister
230) sitting round the dinner table with family and extended family again

Day 14
(2 gifts found in silence)
231) silently reading His word,quietening the inner turmoil
232) working in my veg patch in silence and alone...a little escape for myself
and 1 my own:
233) a rare treat...out for dinner....just hubby and I, enjoying a special deal of two delicious burgers for the price of one and celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.

Day 15
(1 gift given away)
234) a gift given again......sharing some of my frozen corn
and 2 my own:
235) a day with no plans but plenty achieved 
236) our kind neighbour letting us get a girls movie out on her contract when she heard we felt like watching a movie this evening.... me and my daughter connecting, laughing and crying over the story

Day 16
3 hard eucharisteos
237) bone chilling, freezing cold winds and rain.... but thankful to be helping my daughter serve the community, tagging little kiddies in case they get lost at the SA Navy Festival
238) miss her terribly ALWAYS, but thankful to have my sister pop in today
239) thankful that hubby was not still employed there now.... the company that retrenched him in November 2010, closed their doors...
it would have meant he would have been working without integrity over the last year....
and 2 my own:
240) hubby making dinner tonight, giving me a break
241) another kind neighbour lending us a dvd that I have wanted to watch for the longest time

Day 17
a gift turned, a gift folded, a gift hung
242) a quiet day turned festive with friends and 12 kids here for a braai
243) hubby making the bed, folding the clothes and tidying up our room
244) washing hung out to dry by my sweet daughter
4 my own:
245) having my sweet baby nephew sleep over tonight...
love that feeling of arms heavy with an almost sleeping babe
246) seeing our kids all having fun, laughing and happy, surrounded with friends
247) a call from my beloved big sister this morning, missing her....
248) fresh basil in the garden, enough to make fresh pesto, some for a friend and some for the freezer

Day 18
2 gifts red
249) red petunias brightening up my garden
250) red cabbages growing in the garden
and lots of my own:
251) sweet baby....happy,smiling and playful in the early morning darkness
252)  breakfast at friends
253) lunch with my sister and then stolen moments in the shade, just the two of us, at the bottom of the garden.... having sisterly chats
254) my brother in law's good coffee and eating the best ever wedding cake!
255) sweet, glorious scent of white gladiolas that graced the wedding tables last night, now permeating my lounge
256) blessings of butternuts, onions and aubergines this week
257) precious moments connecting with our tired kids this evening....
lying on our big bed and reading together before bedtime
258) connecting with our teen son over coffee and toast before he turned in for the night
259) samples of dog food from Home Tester Club this week...
made for one happy dog!

day 19
3 gifts eaten

260) granadilla butter (recipe courtesy of a friend) at lunch time..... on waffles that were forgotten in the freezer !
261) a steaming pot of  tasty butternut soup for dinner
262) homemade "farm corn" bread with lashings of basil  pesto
and some my own:
263) a call from my "farm sister", announcing their safe arrival back home after a day's travelling
264) seeing her joy at her art report for the sweet daughter
265) even when I don't feel like one, her thanking me for being a "good mom" over the last few days when she has not been her sweetest!


  1. Loved reading this entry Wends. Even in the midst of trying times God is so good and faithful. This post just exudes love and care from all quarters! Missing and praying for you my friend.
    X Shirley

  2. Thanks Shirley , miss you too xx


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