Monday, March 12, 2012

March Joy Dare Week 2

Continuing to count as March rolls on...

Day 6
(a gift bent, a gift broken, a gift beautiful)
196) bent down to their level...precious moments playing with my nephew and a sweet baby girl 
197) broken routines as we enjoy having my big sister here in our home
198) beautiful new friends and beautiful worship music playing at K's craft class today

Day 7
(3 gifts in the kitchen)
199) coming home to find hubby cleaning up the entire kitchen without me even asking
200) tasty left overs at lunch today
201) smoked angelfish bought by my sister at the market we enjoyed visiting together this evening

Day 8
(3 gifts loud)
202) loud late night laughter shared with big sister and my kids
203) loud laughter and conversation shared over lunch at a market research session and then earning good money for my opinion too!
204) loud laughter and loud kids when the neighbours popped in for coffee tonight

Day 9
(3 gifts carved)
205) memories carved into my mind of the wonderful week my sister just spent with us
206) a carved wooded cross on my dressing table, reminding me of His love and a dear friend who gave it to me before she left the country
207) a carved stone heart...a gift from my other sister, reminding me of precious memories spent on the farm with her and her beautiful family
 3 of my own
208) safe arrival of my sister and her family
209) blessings of fresh veg from the farm and grapes from my sister's vine
210) seeing our boy's joy when he won the trophy he so badly wanted tonight

Day 10
(2 gifts in Christ)
211) Knowing these truths..
 "My Father… is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck me out of My Father's hand"
(John 10:29).212)
212) "I have loved you with an everlasting love…" (Jeremiah 31:3).213)
some of my own
213) seeing and being with my "farm" sister and her two gorgeous kids
214) seeing my niece and my daughter together....
cousins but "sisters" to each other that neither have .....
just loving every moment spent together
215) dinner under the stars with my sister, her sister in law, mom in law and a friend, and late evening laughter as we lingered around the table... relaying our funny, crazy and silly stories to one another 

Day 11
(my own)
216) processing a box of corn from the farm .....made easier with my new knife

217) swimming with my daughter on this sweltering hot day
218) gift from my friends mom... Cape salmon on the braai....cooked to perfection by hubby

Day 12
(a gift in wind, in water)
219) sitting on the grass enjoying the afternoon breeze with my nephew
220) boy cousins splashing, happy, wild and free in the pool
 lots of my own as I keep counting them...
221) having them all here unexpectedly....all the cousins together....all laughing at the littlest one!

222) my youngest and his cousin making me the trellis needed for the peas coming up in the garden 
223) dinner: sausage and tomatoes from one sister, corn from the other and marrows from my garden
224) after dinner treat shared with the chocolate aero....a birthday gift not yet eaten
225) my daughter doing her first video for their contract with Cape Town Activa
226) my January box containing 6 Knorr stock pots, 
Werda potato salad, Dove men's roll on and spray,
and Speko rice from Home Tester Club....
arriving just in time to share some with my sister before she left
227) borrowed school books brought from afar.... saving me lots 

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