Saturday, March 31, 2012

Krafty Kow workshops

Last year our teen daughter was part of a craft group that met monthly. The girls enjoyed learning new craft skills and producing something hand made. Arts and crafts are part of her life....she enjoys them immensely and is always working on some project or other.
 She has been privileged to be asked to run the classes for the first term this year. 
She has successfully run two workshops and made herself some pocket money on the side.
 It is wonderful to see her be able to pass on her love for anything crafty to younger girls and to see her sense of satisfaction at being able to generate some income for herself. 
She has learned so much from these experiences......
teaching requires patience with younger ones who need extra help,
working out costs and profits and budgeting,
planning and organizing each workshop,
understanding that work is required to earn money
reaping much more than financial rewards!

In her first workshop, she taught the girls how to make pretty necklaces.....long necklaces with hearts and pearl beads as well as sparkly key rings with crystal and pearl beads.

 One of the mums told me her daughter loves to wear her necklace daily. Another mum enjoys the fact that it is easier to find her keys in her handbag now days!

The second workshop was a great success too. 
The girls made ribbon charm bracelets, the charms being the armour of God. 

Each girl got a little card with the relevant verses and a pretty pink bag to keep their bracelets in. 
They can literally put on the armour of God daily.
 One mum loved it so much, she ordered one right then and there for herself!

As the workshops have been successful, she has been given the opportunity to run more in the new school term. For the first one, she will show the girls how to make beautiful beaded cards for mothers day and then there is a surprise item they will be making for their mothers day gifts too! 
The second workshop will be a scrap booking workshop where the girls will make mini scrapbooks...these have already been sourced by my entrepreneurial daughter as well as some gorgeous embellishments.

She has dreamed of her own little business for some time and came up with the name "Krafty Kow" a little while back...spelled with K as her name begins with K and she loves crafts and cows! 
So if you would like her to run a Krafty Kow craft workshop for a group of 6 to 8 kids, please let us know!
Unfortunately she can only offer classes in the Cape.

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