Thursday, March 22, 2012

Graduation 2011-2012

Tonight we saw our youngest graduate. His year of serving as Pay It Forward Ambassador for the Chaeli Campaign has come to an end. It was a year in which he learned new things and grew as a person. He had to prepare a speech for tonight. I think back to his grade R year... for the first term this little guy could not even talk to the teacher....he would whisper in my ear and I would have to relay his message to he has grown in confidence and courage over the last few years! He had no problem speaking to a large group of mostly strangers tonight.

He spoke about his recent fundraiser for Walk4Wheels and how he has learned that one person is equal to another.....a valuable lesson for a young child to learn. He is hoping to serve the Chaeli Campaign for another year. As an ambassador, he will be required to attend a monthly meeting, assist with publicity regarding Chaeli Campaign events and plan an event to raise funds for a charity of his choice.

Keren graduated as a mentor to the ambassadors of 2011. She too was required to give a speech , regarding her activities over the last year. She enjoyed being a mentor to the new ambassadors and plans to continue being a mentor in 2012. She has also been put forward by the Chaeli Campaign to take part in the Presidents Award at bronze level. She began her service component last week by volunteering at the SA Navy Festival on behalf of The Pink Ladies, (a group of volunteers who look for missing children and adults throughout SA). She helped create awareness and tagged children with their parents names and cell numbers in case they got separated from their parents at the festival.

Our eldest has completed his bronze level for the Presidents Award over the last year. His speech gave an account of his activities for the various components of the award. His service component, a car rally, organised last April, raised funds for The Pink Ladies. The Physical Recreation component; karate and sport karate,competing on a regional and national level. For Skills and Interest; his teaching of Karate over the last year, and for the Adventurous Journey; a recent camp. He will proceed with the silver level of the Presidents Award in the coming year.

Pay It Forward Ambassadors, Mentors & President Award participators for 2011.

We look forward to another year of growth, learning and service with the Chaeli Campaign family!
If your children would like to become Pay It Forward Ambassadors for 2012 (age 9 and up) , please contact the Chaeli Campaign. It will be an unforgettable, life changing experience!

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  1. Great achievements for all three of you. Well done. xxx


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