Saturday, March 10, 2012

We have some winners!

Towards the end of last month, the older two took part in a regional kata competition. 

These competitions are great fun and they both enjoy taking part.

Aren't these little guys just too cute! 
Here J looks on as some of his little students take part in their first ever competition.
 The little guy with the blue belt won his first gold medal.

Both J and K walked away with bronze medals in their respective age groups.

Last night J took part in KAWP (Karate Association Western Province) Championships.
 He fell out in the second round of the kata competition but was inspired to do his best in kumite when one of his team mates walked off with 2nd place. 
Instead of medals, the athletes were being presented with trophies in commemoration of KAWP's 20th anniversary. He knew he wanted to take one of those home!

As his mom, I love to watch him compete, but at the same time, my heart races and I cant wait for it to be over! The atmosphere at these bigger competitions is vibrant and there is much cheering and excitement.
He won his first fight but lost his second, putting him in 3rd place in his division.

He got to bring that trophy home!

His friend who came second in kata also won 3rd place in his weight division. 
Two happy teens!

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