Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Today Mothers Day was celebrated. I was woken with a lovely breakfast and spoiled with all sorts of lovely goodies........chili chocolate, a magazine, a pretty hair clip, some shower gel , a beautiful heart shaped hot water bottle and some sweet homemade cards and gifts. Tonight my loving daughter gave me a royal home spa treatment of a foot spa and a back massage. We had a lovely time together as she pampered and spoiled me.
I am so blessed to be a mom. As a little girl I loved to baby sit and always dreamed of being a mom and having 3 children. I want to honour those who have made me into a mom.
I am thankful to my husband, without whom I would not be mom to the children we have. I am thankful to my children who are each so precious in their own special way. I love being with them and seeing things through their eyes. I love the chats we have all together and those we have one on one. I love the cuddles and hugs and I love it when they ask me to give them a back rub or a back scratch. I love seeing their pleasure when I have prepared their favorite meal.
I love learning new things with them and having them teach me new things. I love being able to help them work through issues and I love being able to teach them about our loving Father in heaven. I love watching them as they sleep, work or play. I love to see our eldest developing into a fine young man who makes me proud to be his mom. I am thankful that God has given me these children to be a mom to.
I am thankful to my own dear mom who has just spent a week visiting us. Without her example and love and care as I grew up, how could I have known anything about being a mom? I know she still prays diligently every day for each of her children and their families by name. I am blessed to have her as my mother. I remember the little love notes and trays in bed when we were sick and flowers on my bedside table. I was so blessed having her in our home this week. I loved having my mom here . She is a breath of fresh air and has such Godly wisdom in all situations. She is a good listener and a wonderful mom in law !
I am also thankful to my dear younger sister who has recently left our home town for a couple of months. I miss her .... she has always been a pillar of strength for me. We had our babies together and have spent many hours talking , laughing and even crying about parenting issues . She has played a massive part in helping me to be a better mom in many ways. I honour her as a wonderful mother today.
I am thankful to my dear friend Heather who has walked by my side on our journey as moms. We met when our eldest were just little infants. We too have spent many hours chatting, laughing or even crying about our children. We understand each other and I salute her today as a wonderful mom who has shaped my journey as a mom too.

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