Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Full Day........

After little sleep last night, I was amazed at what we actually did today. I usually don't function too well without much sleep. I need my sleep...Hubby worked right through the night and when he is not home, I just don't sleep that well. There is something reassuring when he is there next to me. There was even less sleep when my youngest decided to come and sleep in my bed at 2 am. That wriggly little body tends to wake me up but I still love it that he comes through if his sleep is disturbed. I know it wont be long before there are no little bodies creeping through the dark for the comfort of mom and dads bed...

We were up earlier than usual and by 8am a pot of soup had been cooked, dishes washed, breakfast done as well as maths and language! Hubby came home about 3 hours later and fell into bed for some much needed sleep after a good cup of tea.

Today the sun came out for the first time in a few days and we discovered some mushrooms growing on our lawn. The kids and I decided to do some nature study. We hauled out our nature books and encyclopedia to see if we could identify this fungus....we could not but the children never the less had a great time making spore prints and drawing the mushrooms.

Maybe you can identify them?

Z tried his hand at nature drawing and enjoyed it.

K had made a lovely nature journal earlier this year with the Keepers group and she did some fantastic drawings and some journaling. She has been inspired by reading "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady"

During our Geography we were learning about high ad low pressure so we made our own barometer. It will be fun to watch it over the next couple of days as the air pressure fluctuates.
We also read about the water cycle and something that had never occurred to me before: The water we have today is that very same water that God created on the 2Nd day of creation! It just keeps going round and round in the water cycle. We could have drank the very same water that came out of the rock when Moses struck it! It just keeps going round and round! An amazing thought!
J had some science experiments to do today too and the younger ones and I had fun creating columns of various diameters out of paper and cardboard to see which ones buckled the easiest. We look forward to a visit to my brothers building sites to "cement "the reading we have done regarding building and construction. I just love being able to share these full and varied days with my precious young ones!
To wrap up the day, Z ,Roxy and I met my sister in law and her 3 dogs in the nearby forest for a refreshing walk. The dogs had a great time chasing each other and running into the streams. Z had great fun too doing pole vaults and long jumps on the sandy forest floor. He needed to have some space to just run free.
With everyone sleeping soundly after all the days joys, it is now time for me to say good night too!

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