Friday, May 1, 2009

Autumn Nature Walk

This morning we set off for a walk in the Tokai Arboretum while J was on a mountain bike ride. It has been cold and rainy so it was good to get outdoors and refresh the mind, body and soul in Gods creation. The floor on the forest was thick with leaves shed during autumn.

We spotted these tiny pines covered in rain drops.

K found a porcupine quill!

The forest was clothed in rich greens with a touch of autumn reds and browns. I just love those autumn colours. Can you spot Z in the right hand corner of the picture?

Best of all, my mum was here to share the walk with with us.

Here are some of the spoils of our walk. We will try some nature drawings . The oddly spiked acorn cups and the leaves in the background are from the Sawthorn Oak from China. Its scientific name is Quercus Acutissima. I have never seen them before .

I was glad to have a warm bath after the refreshing walk.

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