Sunday, May 31, 2009

Acts Club

The children went off to Acts club on Saturday morning while I went to a grocery shop and Eric went to work. It was a busy day for all!

J brought home his finished woodwork project. A beautifully hand crafted lamp! The boys did all the woodwork and electrics . All we need now is a suitable lamp shade and the bulb of course.The lamp stand feels so smooth even though it has such a rustic look. I am so pleased that he is able to enjoy the satisfaction of such a creative project.

K is doing a bread making unit and she made the most delicious herb damper. We enjoyed it with a pot of butternut soup at dinner time. She is becoming so helpful in the home and is eager to learn new skills in the kitchen so that she may bless her family when the time comes.

This morning we all slept rather late. The weather has really turned cold and winter is setting in. With the grocery cupboards stocked again, I decided we needed to bake some wholesome treats. We don't buy these things bit prefer to make our own without too much added sugar and all the other things they add to foods these days. I had a happy little helper who did all the work....

Z with his freshly baked batch of "munchies " (crunchies) as he calls them!

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