Sunday, May 17, 2009

"School " on Sunday?

This week we have got back to our character curriculum and we have had great fun learning about building and the tools that are used by builders and carpenters. We read a few books and looked at pictures but there is nothing like getting down and doing what has been learned or read about. To use the senses and see the real thing and try it out is so much better than just looking at pictures. It cements what has been learned . The discovery and doing are so much better than "dry" books. That is what draws me to the learning lifestyle. Everything becomes an opportunity to learn something new.
While I made lasagna and some carrot and raisin muffins, hubby brought out the tool box and
the younger two had a great time discovering all his tools and their uses. They had a chance to use the spirit level, screw drivers, spanners, clamp, saws , chisels etc. The kitchen was a hive of activity and the noise was something else as they banged and hammered and had some hands on fun!
At one point I asked Z if he knew that he was doing "school"...he laughed and exclaimed how much fun he was having!

K trying her hand at using the saw.

Z watching attentively as Eric shows him how to use the chisel.

Z concentrating as he uses the chisel.

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