Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Simple Womans Daybook

FOR TODAY Thursday 14th May...

Outside my window...The rain is pouring down and we are heading for a stormy weekend. I just love the sound of the rain.

I am thinking...I know I can trust that my husband will get home safely from his work function tonight.

I am thankful for...A warm and cosy bed to sleep in tonight.

From the learning rooms...We are doing the character trait of orderliness and have covered creation and have read some books about construction. Z had fun getting all his school supplies in order today.J continues his self study and amazes me with his diligence in getting through all his work every day.

From the kitchen...We had a chili con carne, just perfect for this weather!

I am wearing...You guessed...a brown fleecy top over a pink long sleeve top and my hang ten pants.

I am creating...some order in my home and the lives of my children God willing!

I am see my mom and my 2 lovely sisters! Hubby has bought us tickets to Kwa Zulu Natal again! We are so excited!

I am reading...lots of library books with the children.

I am get some mending done tonight.

I am hearing...the sound of all that rain gushing down the gutters and the wind whipping the trees.

Around the house...the cats seem to have gone a little crazy and are chasing one another around like mischievous children with cabin fever!

One of my favorite things...a good pot of homemade soup in this wintery weather.

A few plans for the rest of the week:Keepers here tomorrow afternoon and Acts club on Saturday. Dinner with friends on Saturday and perhaps a trip to the seaside to see the enormous waves predicted for the weekend!

Here is picture thought I am sharing.....

Wern't the kittens just too cute, all snuggled up on the washing basket!

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