Thursday, May 21, 2009

A spontaneous day

Today we woke to a thunderstorm of note. It seemed as if it was right above our house.Z snuggled up with me as we lay there listening to the storm pass. We were barely up when the phone rang and my dad invited us to head out to Stellenbosch to soak up some art....

First stop, after a scenic drive along the False Bay coast, was the Rupert Museum.
The Rupert Museum showcases the unique private art collection of Anton and Huberte Rupert. The art museum is set amongst picturesque vineyards and oak trees on the banks of the Eersterivier (First River)

Interestingly, the concept for the Rupert Museum has it’s origins in a fire. When an electrical-short threatened fire in the ceiling of their Stellenbosch home, Huberte Rupert made the decision to create an art museum. Huberte Rupert’s wish for the modern art museum was to provide an intimate experience of the extensive art collection, and the brief to South African architect Hannes Meiring was for a gallery that was neither ostentatious nor pretentious.She particularly wanted a homely atmosphere with smaller spaces furnished with Cape Dutch and other period furniture, ‘a space in which visitors could move around without confusion.´ In consultation with her architect, she was however persuaded to adopt a larger scale with greater distances between walls to allow the works sufficient breathing space. The final structure is approximately 2 000m² and comprises three exhibition halls and administrative spaces. Although bigger and less ´intimate´ than originally envisioned, it achieves a successful compromise between the demands of a modern art museum and the founder´s desire for a modest display space.

Grandpa and Z examining one of his favourites.

We were in for a rare treat as the museum is hosting the Rodin Exhibition . South African art lovers have the rare opportunity to view 27 bronze sculptures by legendary French sculptor, Auguste Rodin (1840 – 1917). Amongst the bronzes on exhibit are famous works such as The Thinker, The Kiss and The Cathedral. At the height of his career, Auguste Rodin was regarded as the greatest sculptor since Michelangelo. Straying from 19th century academic conventions, Rodin created his own sense of personal artistic expression that focused on the vitality of the human spirit. The children were very interested and enjoyed picking their favourite works of art.

Z posing as The Thinker next to Rodin's portrait.

K examining The Thinker.

The Kiss.

When he grew tired of waiting for us to finish looking at the art work, Z decide to sketch one of the sculptures. He did "Beginning of Wisdom" by Anton Smit.
We left the museum and drove the "sculpture tour "of the town , looking at the bronze sculptures of Dylan Lewis who is one of the worlds foremost sculptors of the animal form. The children grew very excited as they spotted the sculptures as we drove past.
We went on to enjoy a much needed lunch and cuppachino at one of the local restaurants. My brother happened to be working on a near by wine farm and came and joined us.The food was outstanding! I went for something a little different for a change: beetroot, blue cheese, walnut and pear salad on a bed of steamed greens....yum yum. We ended by all sharing a slice of the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten.
After lunch it was on to a local gallery and then on to the Sasol Art Museum. We had a great time together laughing and enjoying the art. We headed back to town having enjoyed our day thoroughly! My dad also met a gallery owner and she agreed to exhibit his own art.

Grandpa and kids outside the Sasol Art Museum.

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