Saturday, September 4, 2010

Keeping my hands busy

I am one of those people who cannot just sit in front of the tv doing nothing. My husband and I have regular programmes that we enjoy watching together and while we watch, my hands are kept busy with some or other knitting project.

I have completed the sweet cable look beanie to add to a baby shower gift and then the cutest stripy cat ear beanie. It doesn't look like much when lying flat , but when its on, its oh so cute!

Just look at those little ears! I cant wait to make one for my new niece or nephew!

Yesterday, my dear friend helped me to work out the start of the pattern for my new project. I cant elaborate as it is intended for a gift. I am so enjoying using the beautiful sock wool that I bought on our recent outing to Philadelphia.

And no, its not going to be a pair of socks.....

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  1. After watching you start your secret project yesterday, I was inspired to start mine! Loving it!


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