Monday, September 27, 2010

Wrapping up Zoology

Yes, its the end of another term and the children and I have been wrapping up the bits and pieces so we can have a holiday. J has made steady progress with his studies and continues to do well in all his learning areas.
The younger two and I finished off our Zoology studies on swimming creatures. It was a great study in which we all learned so much, and we look forward to our Botany studies planned for next term.

The best part is when school is really fun and you get to eat iced treats because you needed them in an experiment! We were learning how deep under water ocean currents work.

Their ocean boxes are a lovely reminder of all the swimming creatures they have learned about and made models of during our Zoology course.

We plan a visit to the Aquarium in the very near future and the movie "Oceans" has just been released too.... talk about perfect timing! We look forward to going to see that too!

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