Friday, September 3, 2010

More on Monet

Yes, we are taking our time over this journey into Monet's world and Impressionism. Just this week I was thrilled to receive a freebie from CurrClick to compliment our studies. Hip2Homeschool's Unit Studies were giving this away. Needless to say, I downloaded the unit immediately. It explores the life and times of Monet, the Impressionist Movement and the wonders and beauty of France. We look forward to adding this to our study. Here is the link to the free download:

This week we explored colour and did some paintings using the three primary colours and then mixing our own colours.

I just loved K's flowers, all the colours mixed from the three primary colours.

This morning we read more about Impressionism from a wonderful D.K. book I had found at the library this week. We all gained a better understanding of what Impressionism is.

We also spent some time exploring depth and tone. Our guests were eager to join in with our painting when they arrived.

We experimented by painting a landscape using different tones and shades of colour. The lighter colours being at the most distant points, and darker shades used in the foreground. The illusion of depth unfolded as we had fun experimenting with our paintings.

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