Monday, September 27, 2010

Still enjoying Monet

As we continue reading about Monet and studying his works, we continue to have fun with our art activities.

Last week we read about how Monet would take unusual risks to paint rugged coastal landscapes. He was once washed off the rocks and nearly drowned whilst working in a terrible storm. He painted in all weathers and his hardiness was legendary.

We experimented by painting water and adding short brush strokes of colour to show reflections and ripples.

I loved both the children's paintings.

We learned that northern France suffered two severe winters in 1878-1880 and the snow and ice provided Monet with new challenges. He wanted to capture the winter light and spent many hours in freezing temperatures.

We created our own winter scenes by using a candle to drip wax onto the paper. The paint resisted the wax and looked like falling snow.

This, by far, was the activity that the children enjoyed the most and they created many winter scenes.

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