Thursday, September 9, 2010

our week

The weeks just keep rolling by and the term is almost coming to an end. We have resumed our Zoology after a break. We have learned some new words like "conchology"...I just love that word- it means the study of shells. Today we learned how starfish eat and the children found it "gross" as well as fascinating. (They push their stomachs out of their mouths to engulf their pray, begin digesting it and then pull the stomach back into their mouths.) The children have also enjoyed making the creatures that we learn about for their ocean boxes and some hands on experiments.

We have spent much of our learning time outside as the weather has been warm. I just love the fact that we can learn where ever we are....cuddled under blankets on the couch, on the patio in the shade of the umbrella, on the steps soaking up the suns rays, the kitchen table, the dining room or even in bed when someone is not feeling on top of the world.

The younger children and I finished the Afrikaans book we have been working through and J had his first lesson with his tutor, the same sweet lady that teaches piano to the younger children. Today was the last meeting for the Afrikaans group he has been going to weekly.

Z has continued to enjoy his weekly horse riding lessons. J has not been able to train for karate for 2 weeks now and is beginning to really miss it. He should be able to return next week but I will have to keep my eye on his ankle as it was really sore and swollen after his ballroom lesson tonight. K has been to karate but it seems she may have to take it easy too. We saw the doctor today as she has a painful infection of her big toe that requires antibiotics.
Tomorrow the younger two return to their drama lessons after a break of two weeks. I have enjoyed having a free Friday afternoon but I also enjoy the lovely scenic drive over the mountain to their drama lessons. Until next time.
PS: For some reason the photos would not load.

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