Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sound Workshop and more...

On Tuesday we made a trek across town to the Northern Suburbs for a fun hands on workshop where the children learned all about being a sound technician.
They got to produce their own radio advert.

Tuesday evening, there was much excitement as my mum and her husband returned from their UK trip. Even though their Granny was only here for a short stop over before flying out the next morning, the children loved their time with her. We had a great evening together.

We continued with our art activities this week and had fun trying to create "Impressionist" paintings. We had to work quickly, and try to convey the general mood of what we saw, not a detailed image. It was more difficult than I thought it would be. K and Z chose to paint a similar scene to Monet's "Poppy Field". The bank of bright red poppies gives the painting a peculiar charm. It is one of my favourite Monet paintings.

K's poppy fields. I loved her sky.

Z's poppy fields.

I am so happy that his attitude towards art has changed. He used to be a very reluctant artist as he always measured his work by K's art. As he is 3 years younger than her, he was not able to re produce anything close to her art. As a toddler, he refused to draw and would ask me to draw for him. He now willingly takes part in art activities and enjoys them too.

Today we had fun on yet another school outing. It was the monthly ice skating outing. Z was so chuffed with himself as he didn't fall once. He did however loose a tooth while on the ice. He had been munching on popcorn and thought he had a piece of popcorn in his mouth but it was none other than a tooth!

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