Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another wrap up of a busy week...

Yes, another full and busy week has gone by. This has been a particularly busy one .... lots of pictures too!

Cosy evenings enjoying the warmth of a fire as the storms raged outside and rain came down in buckets.

Sunny but cold days and kids found a spot in the sun to get some work done.

A sweet 7 week old little visitor was enjoyed by all. Smiles brighten his little face as he gurgles and "talks".

K completed a sample beanie and hopes to be producing many more soon.

J taught his "little ninja's" with the help of his assistant K.

K made us a delicious chocolate cake.

Z tried his hand at "pigs in a blanket". We were particularly hungry that day as we had been to an early morning gym session before school. Hot lunch was enjoyed by all!

As show dates is fast approaching, there have been many extra practices for drama. Friday night saw a full dress rehearsal with sound and lighting.

Z plays the part of a peasant boy and K is the queen.

I was involved with the feeding of the five thousand .... just kidding, only 45 ... on Friday evening.

The kids have had a wonderful time at drama even though there have been many practices that have taken up free time. We are all looking forward to the show next week!

Z greeted the guests at the Chaeli cottage this morning as they arrived for the Art and Poetry Prize giving.

He received his Ambassadors T shirt at his afternoon meeting and I am sure he will wear it with pride!

K received a certificate of commendation for her art entry. Our little friend came first in his age category for craft with his Superman Wheelchair (seen above). His Mom received a certificate of commendation for her photographic entry.

This afternoon K had the greatest time taking part in a charity fashion show for Trevelyn Lodge, a home away from home for adults with special needs.

Sports wear

The stunning red dress!

Gorgeous summer dresses!

Boy am I glad there is still a day to breathe and relax before the next week begins!

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