Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Feasting

After a particularly busy time in the last week, we slept in a little on Sunday and then the kids helped me to prepare a delicious breakfast feast for hubby. We got the idea from Minichefs : We didn't add the biltong, but used bacon instead. it was a real winner and definitely something we all enjoyed and will make again!

K made this sweet card and the kids had a gift packaged for hubby.

Recently, Hubby and I had seen a programme on TV all about hamburgers.... something we both really enjoy! He had decided that he was going to make us his own version of a gourmet burger and he was going to spoil us on Father's Day!
What a treat for us all! Nobody was allowed into the kitchen while he prepared the food with secret ingredients. The boys got a fire going in the lounge while we waited patiently for our dinner.
Wow, what a feast! He made his own burger patties with finely diced chili in them for extra zing. The burgers were served with the last of the pesto from my freezer, some feta and caramelised onions. The potato wedges were equally delicious! I love it that my Hubby is enjoying spoiling us with his cooking.

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