Sunday, June 12, 2011

In the garden today

With perfect weather this morning, and feeling somewhat better,I decided it was time to get into the garden again....
Armed with my two favourite gardening books, for inspiration and advice,I spent a good part of the day in the garden. Weeding was long overdue and thanks to hubby, I had a wheelbarrow full of the best compost from our compost heap as well as a bag of Alpaca manure compliments of my dad. Lots to be done!

The kiddies planted out their seedlings from our Soil for Life visit, each planting their own pot with lettuce, spring onions, parsley and strawberries, which according to my books, are good companions.

That does look like the perfect spot to rest and soak up some winter sun after a good morning of gardening!

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  1. Gardening on a sunny Winter morning - what a lovely way to spend time together as a family and to feed your soul.


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