Friday, June 3, 2011

Yum yum...

The youngest two members of our family spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen helping to prepare delicious food for the family to enjoy. Hubby does homemade pizzas and burgers and things like toasted sandwiches and J is usually very busy with his school work load, training or teaching so he doesn't get to do much in the kitchen except grab himself a sandwich or some yogurt.....

Last night that all changed! We have decided that once a month on a chosen day, Hubby and J will prepare a meal for the family. I will have nothing to do with what is chosen, any necessary shopping or the cooking of said meal and each month they have to try a recipe they have not made before.....

We had a feast last night!

My dear husband spent time looking through recipe books earlier in the week. The meal was to be kept secret and he and J planned who would do what. Unfortunately J has not been well so Hubby took over completely and made us a splendid meal.

He chose to make paella, the most delicious paella I have ever eaten! I have never attempted to make it myself and thought it great that he chose something that was totally different from what we normally eat. It was better than any paella I have eaten in a restaurant.

Desert was a lemon cheesecake with hazelnut praline topping .... he made the base, used gelatine and made the praline himself ....very impressive indeed!

When asked how he made it , the reply was "with lots of love, patience and kindness." I was truly blessed and impressed by all the trouble he went to to prepare this feast of a meal! I certainly look forward to next months dinner! The kids want Hubby to cook every night!


  1. Oh wow! Looks like he may have missed his calling. I see hidden chef talents in there. What a great way to love you.

  2. I felt SO blessed Cath and now I know why you look forward to "special night" so much! xx


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