Friday, June 3, 2011

The Winter Garden

Hiding between the leaves we have aubergines in the veg garden! Last year they didn't produce any fruits. I so look forward to trying them when they are ready.

Tomatoes are still plentiful. K ate this one with her toasted sandwich at lunch today. I usually pick a couple every other day even though they are much smaller than this one.

My chili bush just does not stop producing either. It is almost time to make some more chill jam. Fresh chillies were added to our tuna fish cakes at lunch yesterday and I often add them to our dinner. We love chillies!

Broccoli has been plentiful for some time and this week we enjoyed and creamy chicken and broccoli bake.

My black basil seems to just go on and on.... what a pleasure to still be able to make pesto long after the rest of the basil has died down.

Brite lites spinach is also plentiful. Handfuls are added to salads, pasta and even curry. I am enjoying the fact that I don't have to make sure the garden is well watered for now. God is taking care of that for me!

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