Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunday fun and another week gone by...

Last Sunday afternoon we had a great time with the Chaeli Sport and Recreation Club. They are a club dedicated to promoting sport and recreation for differently abled people in an inclusive environment. Membership is open to people of all abilities. We watched in awe of this talented, confident, little boy of eight who spent the afternoon dancing with his partner in a wheel chair. There was much laughter and fun as able bodied and differently abled couples took to the floor and learned the dance moves.

Redzebra ( then took the floor and we had an incredible time for the next hour making lots of noise!

Young and old, able bodied and differently abled were all united by the universal language of music and dance. These dynamic, energetic young men were very entertaining as they led us for the next hour in a drumming and percussion workshop.

The kids chose to play cow bells and I chose the tambourine. What a lot of noise and fun!

School took a different angle this week again as the two older kiddies succumbed to the colds and flu which are so prevalent at this time of year. K was glad to be able to lie in bed and enjoy watching a series while Z and I spent time working through his lessons.

She spent the first part of the week in bed and J the latter half. Poor boy is still not feeling great and could not teach his classes this week or train. I was really worried as his chest was tight for the first time in a while and he had a high fever. I thought he may need to go back onto his preventative asthma medication but I have kept a close eye on his chest, listening a couple of times a day with my stethoscope and thankfully his chest is doing OK.

We had plenty of fun this week trying to beat our own and each others scores on our geography game, Seterra.

Z completed his entry for the Chaeli campaign's annual art and poetry competition.

I thought it was very cleverly thought out by him as the theme was One Life, mind body and soul. His entry is called " The Body of Hope", depicting a body with the heart and brain showing. He put a slogan around the body saying : The Chaeli Campaign is the body of hope".

The little chef has lent a hand in the kitchen again this week....

He made us a delicious chocolate pudding all on his own.... he insisted that he do it alone!

He helped me make some herbed challah which we served with a pot of tasty soup and to snack on, low gi apricot and sunflower seed breakfast bars.

We visited my sweet little 5 week old nephew and his mom and dad. How appropriate that he was wearing his Winnie the Pooh outfit as we had just been to see the movie. It really was a sweet movie, perhaps not one I would usually see but the kids get free movies before 7pm so we took advantage of that went for the fun of it.

Until next time....

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