Sunday, January 22, 2012

Aquarium outing

As mentioned, we had an outing to the Aquarium last week. It fitted in perfectly with our "Dolphin Tale" unit study and we were happy to have two friends come along with us. It was fantastic to meet some new faces  and I was grateful to the mom who organised the outing.

Being a school outing, the kids first spent some time in the well laid out classroom where Mr Zee taught them all about bony fish.  
 There were some dead fish on each table so the kids had a hands on lesson.....

Some were less than charmed and there were lots of giggles as I too battled with the fishy smell and the appearance of the dead fish!

The more adventurous were thrilled at being able to handle the slippery specimens!

Fins were fanned out, mouths opened wide and scales lifted!

Gills were opened and examined closely....

I think these two girls would have been more than happy to be handed a scalpel to dissect the fish!

Though much of what they were taught is not new, it was interesting to have a good look at the specimens, discovering them in real life, rather than diagrams on the pages of a book.

Once the lesson was over, we entered the aquarium and were free to enjoy all it has to offer...

Colourful fish of the warm Indian Ocean .....

and a sweet sea turtle.

              The clown fish are always a hit with the kids who queue to get into the inside of the tank!

The icy cold touch pool had interesting sea creatures to observe closely.

The Hermit Crab was really cute and cautiously came out to see what all the fuss was about.

The penguins were looking rather sorry for themselves as they are moulting.
 Apparently they sit very quietly and don't eat much when this is happening. 
It almost seems that they are embarrassed of their appearance.

The cooler Atlantic waters teem with large silver fish and beautiful kelp forests.

I could sit in front of that tank indefinitely and marvel at its wonders!

The shark tank is always fascinating and I think somewhat scary even though there is thick glass separating one from these seemingly fierce creatures...

I have always wondered what would happen if the glass had to crack, spilling out the contents of the tank!

All though our aquarium doesn't keep dolphins, we enjoyed discovering the wonders it had to offer us!

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