Monday, January 30, 2012

January Joy Dare week 4

This has been a week where sometimes it has been hard to focus on the joys as we have been waiting for news regarding my husbands employment and the news has not come ... 
It has been a long wait and stressful 
I am committed to finding and counting joy and blessings each new day.

Day 24
(3 things Blue)

70) Little baby who brings such joy and was dressed in blue when he came to us today!

71) Blue flowered kanga bringing rest and sleep to a tired little baby

72) hardly used blue trimmed shoes passed on to me,

Day 25
(one grace borrowed, one grace found, one grace inherited)
73)countless books borrowed from my ever generous sister,
74) the visit that brought encouragement from a friend today when I needed it so badly
75) my daughter's artistic talent inherited from my dad

Day 26
(a gift before 9 am, a gift before noon,a gift after dark)
76) a reminder of God's constant love for me,
77) a perfect result when my little guy thought he couldn't

Day 27
(3 gifts that might never have been)
79) knowing that we are on the right path with our eldest's education after receiving news of his excellent results in his recent exams,
80) restoration in a precious relationship that had gone bad
81)  new neighbours who brought a wonderful atmosphere to the neighbourhood!

Day 28
(3 graces found in my friends)
82) my friend who graciously lends us readers when she can,
83) my friend who helps out in any and every way possible with my kids
and anything and everything else
84) my friend who just "gets me" and how I think!

Day 29
(a song heard, a soft word,where you saw light)
85) a song heard over and over in my head today....
 " only by grace can we enter, only by grace can we stand, not by our human endeavour...."
86) soft words of appreciation from my hubby
87) light shed on all that I have...not all that I don't have

Day 30
(3 old things seen new...changing this for other gifts today!)
88) winning a competition today,
89) a Toblerone that my friend didn't want to eat so I got to share it with my family instead
90) words of comfort and understanding.

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