Monday, January 16, 2012

January's Joy Dare week 2 and a little beyond

January seems to be rolling by so fast but in the midst of it, I have been taking time each day to purposefully seek "joy" and live more fully...
continually counting my blessings.....

I am grateful for:
Day 8 (light that caught you, a reflection that surprised you, a shadow that fell lovely)
22) pink clouds that caught  my eye as they lit up a summer evening sky,
23) a surprisingly beautiful reflection upon the sea as my sister and I enjoyed some memory making time together....

24) the shadows of  happy cousins playing on the beach at sunset.

Day 9 (a gift in your hand, a gift you walked by, a gift you sat with)
25) the gift of a plate piled high with left over meat from a braai with friends,
26) sunflower heads drying on my patio filled with the promise of new growth
27) the delightful gift of my precious 8 month old nephew sitting on my lap today, smiling his sweet little grin!

Day 10 (a gift that's sour, a gift that's sweet, a gift that's Just Right)
28) sour sweets shared with my boy yesterday,
29) a yummy peanut butter and syrup waffle shared with friend today after watching one of the most amazing movies I have seen
30) finding out today that both my sisters will be here in March..feels just right!

Day 11 (3 yellow things that strike you as fresh mercy)

31) bright and cheery sunflowers gracing my garden!

32) unexpected yellow peppers on my green pepper bush!

33) squash flowers filled with promise each morning.

Day 12 (something above you, something below you, something beside you)
34) clear starry summer nights,
35) soft, lush green summer lawns
36) my teen son laughing happily beside me as we drank coffee together on the couch this evening!

Day 13 ( 3 sounds you hear)
37) gentle summer rains watering my garden for me today,
38) birds chirping as the sun appears again
39) the wonderful sounds of my teen son persevering with new songs on his guitar.

Day 14 ( 3 ways you glimpsed the startling grace of God)
40) good news heard from someone very dear to me,
41) the incredible testimony of a friend and young mother who was recently healed of cancer,
42)  read today : "He knows the deepest secrets and the darkest emotions - and He loves (me) anyway"

Day 15 (one thing you wore, one thing you gave away, one thing you shared)
43) a smile in my heart on hearing today that my Mum is coming to visit soon,
44) a sample of my basil and sundried tomato dip to my very appreciative neighbour!
45) my amazing birthday gift of tickets to the Johnny Clegg sunset concert at Kirstenbosch....

shared with friends and thousands of others on a perfect summer's evening!

Day 16 ( 3 ways you witnessed happiness today)
46) a beautiful smile on my teen son's face when he hugged me to say thank you,
47) happiness as we jumped in and out of the pool in today's scorching heat,
48) happiness as the kids got to meet one of their dad's cousins from Holland tonight.. an evening filled with laughter and fun!


  1. Beautiful pictures (especially the ocean)! Isn't it wonderful to count our joys...
    Visiting from Ann's today, but I will be back...

  2. Great to have a new visitor, thank you!


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