Monday, January 9, 2012

Fantastic fun!

This past Saturday the wind was blowing fiercely in our neck of the woods.
We were somewhat disappointed as we had plans to meet up with our old neighbours for a picnic. None the less we made our way to the city centre to meet them at The Eastern Food Bazaar as planned.

What a fantastic find this place is!
 I felt like I had been transported back to Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar! 

The menu is extensive offering food from different regions...
 Indian, Middle Eastern, South Indian, Chinese, Punjab region, East Pakistan
 pizza if you are not that adventurous!

Take your pick....
vegetarian such as biryani or vegetable curry,
shawarmas, kebabs, falafels or hummus,
dosa - savoury pancakes filled with what you like,
egg fried rice or sweet and sour,
curry of every kind,
tandoori or chicken tikka,
perhaps butter chicken 
naan bread and rootis?

The walls are decorated with beautiful old doors,
reminding me of those seen in alleys,
 as we walked through Stone Town in Zanzibar.
Prices are excellent and portions large!
You can stay and eat or have take out.
We will certainly be returning!
The weather in the city centre was perfect... 
no wind and a great deal warmer!

We enjoyed our picnic at Green Point Park as planned. 
If you have not visited the park, it is well worth it.
 A slight breeze coming off the nearby ocean cooled us down...just a little!

The younger kids enjoyed the play area...
one of the best I have ever seen!

Giant swings...

Ok ,
so the bigger kids enjoyed it too!

and even the very BIG kids
 just had to try and make it across!
(If you're wondering, yes, I made it across!)

Climbing walls were climbed...

swings swung on...

We didn't explore the whole park...
I know there is much more to it
that will be saved for another day when temperatures are much cooler!

As we left the park, we had fun using the walk on sundial to tell the time.

The nearby promenade welcomed us with cool sea spray...

A spot was found, where if you leaned out far enough,
you might just get wet as the waves crashed against the wall!

Much to the delight of the children and adults alike, we finally got onto the beach
and cooled ourselves down in the icy Atlantic waters!
A wonderful day out with family and friends...

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