Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting back on track

Schools reopened this week after a lovely long summer break.
 We usually stick with government school terms, but have the privilege of being flexible too! 
However we decided to start getting back on track with our learning this week.

Though Wednesday was the 'official " day back, a couple of moms and myself had planned to meet for breakfast at a seaside restaurant....
so the two younger kids happily got on with their reading while mom was missing in action! 

K is continuing her South African History with Footprints into the 21st Century . 
Z is revisiting South African History with Footprints On Our Land, which we have done before as a family when he was just a little guy! He will probably enjoy the familiar stories!
 J had already been working on his Cambridge courses since Monday.

Upon my return, I announced that the afternoon would be spent at the beach as it was such a glorious day. (Very high temperatures and no wind for a change.) 
Moms and kids returned to the beach for an afternoon of fun.
 Fun for the kids who spent hours frolicking in the waves and body surfing. 
Not so much fun for moms sitting on the beach, suffering with all the sand blowing everywhere as the wind decided to come up for the afternoon!
 But the pleasure of seeing my children having such a wonderful time in the waves was worth all the sand blasting I got!

Earlier in the week the children and I had been to see the inspiring movie "Dolphin Tale" and had thoroughly enjoyed it. 
It is a movie I would like to have in my collection if that was something that I did.

It is a true story of a dolphin, named  "Winter" that looses its tail but is saved and rehabilitated. 
The kids in the real life version of the story are home educated as well as the kids who act in the movie.
 It is great wholesome family entertainment and well worth seeing but take your tissues!

We discovered a wonderful resource to use as a follow up on the movie. 
The Dolphin Tale curriculum was written by Apologia author, Sherri Seligson who is a marine biologist and home educating mother.
 Today we got busy with the first activity, an experiment, testing density and buoyancy. The tomato in the photo was not supposed to sink, but before I got to taking the photo, it sunk!

The  kids created note book pages, documenting their discoveries, and enjoyed the hands on fun and learning. I too learned that plankton have droplets of oil in their bodies, helping them to stay in their correct position in the water column - I love it when I learn something new alongside the kids.

For our reading pleasure we have been enjoying one of the books we picked up for just R5.00 at the second hand bookshop, "Miss Potter".
 The story is just delightful!

As we plan to be more in touch with nature this year, K kindly made a weather tree for herself and Z. The idea is thanks to Se7en, another home educating mamma in our town!
The idea is to record the rainy or sunny days on each leaf of the tree. As you see, today was our first day with rain this year!
So that's us , off to a slow and gentle start.
 Next week we will add in our Maths and Language Arts.


  1. Love this! We are also starting gently when I eventually start at the end of Jan. methinks the Dolphin Tail downloadables are a good start. It really was a superb story, hey!

  2. Thanks Taryn, we loved Dolphin Tale, it was brilliant!


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